Warner & Swasey Automatic Parts

We stock a full line of Warner & Swasey repair and replacement parts for Single Spindle Chuckers, Single Spindle Automatics, and Multi Spindle Automatics. Call us today at 1 (216) 732-5980 or simply fill out the contact form and a specialist will assist you. The following list is a small representation of the thousands of parts we have in stock:

Spindle Parts

Example Parts:
– Part # 22F-107 Rapid Traverse Brake
– Part # 19N-61 Yoke Assembly
– Part # 22C-153 Gland
– Part # 22J-232 Adjusting Screw
– Part # 22H-52 Switch Operating Pins
– Part # 21H-7/8 Speed & Feed Dogs
– Part # 21J-70 Cam Roll Sub Assembly
– Part # 22C-322 Solenoid