Built to last designing and engineering if a key to our success Worldwide Frame over the past 88 years. LFA has continued to develop new and better chucks to fit customers needs, creating a full range of chucks and other products to handle all types of fixed and portable tool applications.

In 1925 in response to industry demands, Mr. Amyot and his sons expanded their business, using their tool-making expertise, they manufactured a new type of drill chuck which tightens without a chuck key. Its was patented in the U.S in 1925, as is commonly known as a keyless drill chuck.

In 1994, LFA patented their newest addition: a keyless chuck which can be used on all corded, cordless, and hammer drills.

Our factory is located near the Swiss Watch Capital of the world, 40 miles from Switzerland in Pontarlier France. Running at times 24/7 to meet customers demands from hundreds of thousands orders to chuck in the hundreds in volume. It’s still a family business run by Emmanuel Amyot, the 4th generation.

  • Super Keyed Chucks
  • Heavy & Medium Duty Keyed Chucks
  • Keyless Chucks
  • Integral Shank Chucks
  • AAA Chucks
  • Heavy Duty Portable Keyed Chucks
  • Medium Duty Portable Keyed Chucks
  • Light Duty Portable Keyed Chucks
  • Medium Duty Steel Shell Chuck
  • Light Duty Plastic Shell Chuck
  • Impact Chuck
  • Standard & Self Ejecting Chuck Keys
  • 4-Way Chuck Key Key Cad-De
  • Tap Wrenches
  • Morse Taper, Straight Shank, Threaded Shank, R8 Arbors
  • Standard & Self Ejecting Lathe Chuck Wrenches
  • Adapters & Accessories
  • Arbor Removing Tools

Website: www.lfachucks.com