Founded in 1948, BISON-BIAL is the largest manufacturer of technological tooling for machining in Poland and has been an industry world leader for many decades. Currently, products carrying the BISON logo are sold in more than 70 countries on every continent of the world. Our product range comprises more than 20,000 products and is composed of:

  • Manual Self-Centering & Independent Lathe Chucks
    You can choose from one of BISON-BIAL’s famous Lathe Chucks. They are built in two main lines: standard and precision.
  • Power Chucks
    BISON-BIAL’s Power Chucks are made from high quality forged alloy steel. Their fundamental advantages are high load carrying capacity, durability and high clamping accuracy and repeatability.
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders
    You can easily combine BISON-BIAL’s Power Chucks with one of our Hydraulic Cylinders or maybe you prefer to use integrated solutions with built-in pneumatic powering.
  • Precision, Machine & Bench Vises
    BISON-BIAL manufactures Vises for fitter’s works as well as for milling and grinding operations with the option of palletizing.
  • Milling & Indexing Fixtures
    Rotary Tables and Indexing Fixtures are designed for milling, drilling, grinding and marking-off operations and permit equal and unequal indexing.